Thursday, April 30, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter began with our annual Easter party at Grandpa Gorham's house.  We were so glad that Owen and Hailey could join us for egg dying and egg hunting!

On Easter Sunday I asked the boys to smile for the camera.  It began with Micah giving a nice smile and Levi being goofy.  Watch how Micah tried to imitate Levi in the pictures that follow.

 Brunch with my parents, Bob, and Stephen.  Despite the oven going on the fritz in the middle of meal prep, we had two different quiches, roasted veggies, fresh veggies, fruit salad, blueberry cream cheese danishes, and resurrection rolls.  I served it on Nathan's grandmother Velma's china.  Oh, and we had mimosas, too!
 A little egg hunting in the backyard.
 This year's collection.

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