Thursday, April 30, 2015

April Mystery Mondays

Week 1: Clark's Creek Park, Puyallup
Week 2: Snake Lake Nature Center, Tacoma
Week 3: Memorial Park, Puyallup
Week 4: Woodland Park Zoo, Seattle

 On this day at Clark's Creek Park, there was a nice Australian shepherd that was playing with a mom and daughter.  It was a very well-behaved dog.  But when Micah and the daughter happened to be up on a platform and the dog decided to run up to the girl, Micah kind of freaked out.  While I was comforting him, I noticed the dog chasing Levi around the outside of the play structure.  He was freaked out, too, but I am proud that he didn't cry.  And, of course, at that moment the monthly Lahar sirens started going off.  We decided on a change of scenery and went for a nice nature walk along the creek.

At Snake Lake, the boys enjoyed the stuffed animals and puppets in the nature center.
 Then we went for a walk on the short trail.  Micah wasn't thrilled.
 They have a neat children's play area with a cool climbing rock.  Typical Micah: climbed right up and stood on top.
 Typical Levi: climbed up cautiously and remained seated.

Fun at Memorial Park downtown

Okay, you can't see the gorilla, but we had decided he looked like he was thinking. 
 These giraffes were some of our favorites.

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