Thursday, April 30, 2015

Hand's On Children Museum

On April 10th, Bob joined us for a trip to the Olympia Children's Museum.  The boys were adventuresome this time.  When we first arrived, Micah took off running down the hall to the flashing lights of the police car.  We had a few poor behavior choices, and we were all pretty tired afterward, but it was a fun time!
Love the fire truck.  Levi probably stayed in here for 15 minutes.

Feeding a baby in the emergency room.

Working at the diner and serving lunch to Grandpa with a huge side of ketchup.

Please don't let this be the last time they perform onstage together!

Levi and Grandpa are manning the sound booth.

I sent Levi into the maze thinking he would climb around to the eagle's nest.  After several minutes and he still didn't appear, I climbed in there after him.  I found him happily sitting in this net overlooking the water activities.

Micah went crazy running around outside!

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