Tuesday, December 27, 2011

First Christmas Day

The best Christmas gift is the little boy on the right!

Before church we opened our stockings.  Levi got this snack container in his.

After church we went down to Grannie's house.

The gang was all there.  Madison wanted to sit with me and read books.
We had Cornish pasties for dinner.  Mine is on the left, Levi's is in the middle, and Nathan's is on the right.

Before trying his first pasty

His first bite was a huge one.

He ate the entire thing!
I think Maddie was wondering what was under that white flap.  She and Levi got along really well all day.

Levi loves his Great Grannie . . . and vice versa, I'm sure.

He didn't mind having a bow stuck on his head, but having a bow stuck to his hand was an enigma.
The littlest Easterbrooks children changed into Christmas PJs before heading home.

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  1. Oh I love them!!! Such beautiful photos. Although we weren't there, I can imagine the smells of the pasties and the laughter and chaos. Levi is a pasty champ! Way to go! And he's so dapper in his button-down/vest combo. What a little charmer.
    Auntie Ann