Friday, December 30, 2011

First Yankee Swap

Usually a few days after Christmas, Grannie hosts another evening of gift opening.  This time our Yankee Swap was on December 29th.  It was the first time that Grannie's four great-grandchildren have all been together.  We all expected it to be a three-ring circus, and for about two hours it was.  But it was great!  The kids had a lot of fun!
Claire, Paige, Levi, Madison

The great-grandkids all got a bell necklace.  Poor Levi, though.  Everytime
he bent over to pick up his bell, it kept getting closer to the floor.

Maddie and Claire couldn't resist climbing on Andrew.

Levi really likes Aunt Mary Robert!

Andrew and his girls

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  1. We missed out on all the fun! Love seeing the four young ones sitting on the couch! Look how well Paige can sit up and how protective Claire looks. I bet it was fun just to sit and watch the capers of the little ones. And they seemed to like piling on Andrew!