Monday, December 26, 2011

First Christmas Eve

For Levi's first Christmas, we spent Christmas Eve with Nathan's family at Bob's house.  Instead of a traditional holiday meal, we had decided to do an Asian theme.  The food was delicious!  Stephanie and Stephen did most of the cooking.  After dinner we opened gifts, and then we all attended the Christmas Eve candlelight service at First Presbyterian.  We had such a wonderful time together!

Ethan, Levi, and Garret posed for a cousins photo with their Santa hats.

Between dinner and gifts, Levi played in this pack 'n' play.  When he started getting a little fussy, Ethan came in to try to help.  First Ethan sang through Levi's "Old MacDonald" book.  Then he read him this Elmo counting book, showing him the pictures and helping him "count" the objects on the pages.  Levi loved it.  It was SO SWEET!

First gift!  Being the cautious kid that he is, Levi took
it slow.  He enjoyed removing bows from packages.

Stephanie helped Garret assemble a Viking ship
while Ethan read an entire joke book aloud.

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